“RENTwithLEO” organization is a family-owned business.

The story behind establishing our short-term rental properties and rentals lies in our dearest son Leonardo who had a lot of health issues since his birth and the medical treatment with equipment he needed was very expensive and often not covered by insurance. Although our son is no longer with us, we decided to help other families and kids with special needs who are going through similar situations as we did.
Leonardo that was just a several years old, full of energy to live, play and laugh, saved lives of four other children and enhanced lives of many more related to those four by donating organs needed to live. Even though our dearest Leo is no longer here – with us, his heart continues to beats, and his eyes can still see the beauty around us. He has also given an opportunity of new life to two other children by donating other organs giving other children an opportunity of new life. 
You can support our mission by staying at one of our properties or by renting some of our equipment. Certain percentage of the profits from every booking will go towards a non-profit organization which is currently in process of being established.

To learn more about our mission, please continue visiting our website at

where you will be able to find new developments and news about our non-profit organization that will be established to server our purpose.

If you wish to get directly involved with our non-profit organization, please visit our website at to learn more.
(New website will be provided in a very near future).

If you are looking for additional stream of income (earning steady monthly double-digit returns) and you like the idea not to help only yourself but also families in needs, please email us at

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