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Vacation Services Offered to Our Guests

RENTwithLEO offers world-class vacation services to our valuable guests with an ultimate goal to always exceed their expectations, making it by far the best vacation experience. We are a family-owned business with a lot to offer.

We continue to stand out from our competitors by providing outstanding vacation services, making personalized decisions based on our guests’ needs, and providing premium services with VIP treatments.

Services Offered to our Guests

RENTwithLEO offers World-class Services to our valuable guests with an ultimate goal to always exceed their expectations making it by far the best vacation experience. We are family-owned business with a lot to offer.

We continue to stand out from our competitors primarily by providing an outstanding service, by making personalized decision based on our guests’ needs and by providing Premium Services with VIP treatments.

Quick Menus of Vacation Services

Vacation Services We Offer

01. Pre-listed - Stocked Fridge

Fridge will be full of items of guests’ preference based on three list options below:

  • AA – bread, 6 bagels, cream cheese, 1 butter, 12 eggs, jam, watermelon, 5 apples, 2 pears, 3 oranges, 2 cedar salads, coke, frozen fried rice, ketchup, water, orange juice, tea, crackers.
  • BB – bread, 12 eggs, 1 butter, jam, pineapple, 6 yogurts, orange juice, tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, grapes, oatmeal, cereal, crackers, lemons, 2 Caesar salads. watermelon, apples, oranges, bananas, pears, tea, water, strawberry, blueberries, coke, 

Fridge will be fully stocked with items based on guests’ selection prior of check-in.


Vacation Services

02. Custom - Stocked Fridge

Have your fridge filled by the time you check-in.

Pick your own items and have your shopping in the fridge by the time you check-in.

Items will be pre-determined by guest in advance. We ask the guest to provide the list 48 hours in advance prior of check-in. 

The amount paid for shopping

TBD dollars for delivery service.

Vacation Services

03. Capture Your Moments on Video

Have your vacation video professionally edited.

Capture best moments on your vacation with renting our GoPro HERO10 small yet high quality 4K waterproof camera. The Video will be professionally processed, edited and compiled into short documentary movie that can easily be shared on social media with your family and friends. Must rent our GoPro HERO 10 camera to take advantage of this package.

  1. Capture best moments on your vacation with our professional sport and waterproof camera while water skiing, boating, taking a ride in Universal or Disney or simply when you are on jet-ski.
  2. Allow our videographer and editor to professionally edit your vacation video to high quality video that will be exported to your desired platforms. 
  3. Share the video from your vacation with your family and friends on youtube and other social media platforms. 


Orlando Vacation Packages

04. Transportation from MCO-Orlando Int. Airport to Villa

Transportation from and to (MCO) Orlando Int Airport will be provided to our guests.

Although we do offer car rental, it is not always necessity to rent a vehicle just for few days or extended weekend if you are planning to stay low in the Villa, have full privacy and enjoy the pool with the presence of your loved once.

Transportation can be arranged for up to four people. The vehicle with designated driver will be waiting at the airport. With no waiting or frustration, we will safely transport our guests with Luxury and spacious JEEP Grand Cherokee to Villa and when the trip ends back to Orlando Int. Airport.

$ 70 (two trips)

Orlando Vacation Packages

05. Babysitter Services

Do you wish to have a privacy and alone time?

A responsible young lady that lives on the same street, the lady we trust and is great with children may be available to babysit your child or children depending on the day and time.

We as parents understand how extremely difficult it is to leave our kids with a stranger, someone we never saw or talk to. We want to ensure you that we performed full background on the person performing this service and we also know the family.

$ 20 per hour

Vacation Services

06. Party Decor

Planning a surprise Birthday party for your child, husband, wife or significant other?

We arrange and decorate our Villa for all kinds of events. Decoration will include balloons, karaoke machine, drinks, cups and much more. The property will be 100% ready for our guests to arrive to beautiful fully decorated home ready to celebrate. 

Two options are available:

  • Ballon decoration – 
  • Themed Party Decor – 
  • Full Premium Decoration – 

Ballon Decoration $ TBD

Themed Party Decor $ TBD

Full Premium Decoration $ TBD

Vacation Services


Food delivery services available to our valuable guests.

Food Delivery Services and Options

07. Dinner Delivery

We offer four options of Home-made recepty meals conveniently being delivered to our Villa.

The prices below cover servings of SIX people.

The decision of delivering food did not come lightly. We decided delivering meal as a pilot to see demand and interest. Our guests will have four basic options to choose from for warm home-made meal. All options are great very tasty worth trying. 


Original Hungarian Home-made Goulash Soup. Beef, green & red pepper, pepperoncini and potatoes. 



Marinated grilled chicken breasts with baked potatoes, pineapple, Italian seasoning, tomatoes and sauce.



Cold salad with pasta, caret, Mexican vegetable, onion, garlic, jicama, peppers. Great refreshment meal.



Very tasty home receipt. Combination of sliced potatoes, onions, bacon, eggs and sausage, cheese and sour cream. 


08. Side Order - Fruit Salad Delivery

Fruit Salad includes bananas, strawberries, pineapple, mandarin, grapes, sour cream and whip cream.

Fresh salad is great combination and choice when you order in. It also comes very handy during hot days, especially when renting jet-ski or a boat, and you plan to do watersport activities. Serving of SIX people. Delivery available only with main meal.

Two different types of Fruit Salads are available to order:

  1. FSNW – Fruit Salad – only fruit with no other ingrediencies.
  2. FSWW – Fruit Salad – mixed with little bit of source cream and whip cream.



Vacation Services

09. Birthday Cake Delivery

Birthday cake with healthy options. Create a sweet celebration they will never forget.

We offer cakes with a healthier option. Indulge in the sweet delight of our homemade recipe. 









10. Special Pie for any Gathering

Sweet Pie for any type of anniversary or celebration.

These types of Pie are great for any Anniversary, parties or family gatherings. 


11. Charcuterie Boards

Great option for parties, events or gatherings.

White and yellow cheese, ham, two types of crackers, grapes, hard salami, avocado, prosciutto, peanuts, sweet tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries.


Vacation Services

12. Open Face Sandwiches

Four types of open face sandwiches are available.

Mixed with ham, hard salami, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, potato salad, tomatoes and cheese.

  1. French baguette with ham, cheese, cucumber, salad.
  2. French baguette with cream cheese.
  3. Rice bread with hard salami, hard boiled eggs, cheese and salad.
  4. Mix combination of all types of sandwiches. 


Vacation Services

We continue to listen to our guests and constantly learn about their demands. Our existing guests can expect our services to expand and improve each time they return.

If our guests have a special request, please submit it online or call us directly at (407) 404-1262

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