Fastest Roller Coasters in Florida

In case you were wondering, we are about to share the fastest roller coasters in Florida! Hang on to your seat for this ride. It is full of surprises. And we are sharing a few tips to help you plan your adventure. Get ready for the launch, and keep reading to discover the fastest roller coasters in Florida.

Fastest Roller Coasters in Florida

A Little About the G

Roller coasters are known for the intense stomach-dropping, hair-raising experience. The ride can exert extreme pressure or create the feeling of complete weightlessness. You might feel dizzy, afraid or both. If you seek the thrills of a roller coaster, you might be looking for speed and g-force. Before we talk about the fastest roller coasters in Florida, let’s talk about g-force.

G-force or gravitational force is the amount of force applied to an object upon acceleration. The force can be negative, positive and lateral. The best ride can apply all of the aforementioned types of force. Positive g-forces are intense. They can blur vision and even cause fainting. The pull of objects towards the Earth is 1 g. This is the force acting upon an individual standing still on Earth, which is the weight of the body. Positive g’s make a person heavier than they are, exerting a gravitational force beyond the standard. If you experience 3 g’s, you would be experiencing a force three times your body weight. 4 g’s would feel like four times your body weight. This type of force makes you feel heavy and forces you down into your seat.

Positive and negative g’s are opposite forces with opposite experiences. Positive g’s are experienced with inversions, vertical loops, at the bottom of a drop and in a helix or circular track. Manta is one of the fastest roller coasters in Florida, and a good way to experience positive g’s. The negative forces are the perfect element to compliment the feeling. Negative g’s create a sensation of weightlessness. Most riders love the feeling of lifting out of their seats. The best place to experience the negative force is at the crest of an airtime hill. Hyper coasters like Mako at SeaWorld are known for providing negative g’s. Longer periods of weightlessness create a smoother ride, while shorter hills and quick dips feel jerky. Negative force is the act of defying gravity. Force is created by speed and acceleration. If you want to feel the g’s, you want to experience the fastest roller coasters in Florida.

Best Places to Vacation in Florida

Manta at SeaWorld

Manta is a very different kind of steel flying roller coaster. Plan an adventure at SeaWorld Orlando and experience one of the fastest roller coasters in Florida. After riders board the manta ray-shaped train, all of the seats tilt forward and the riders experience the coaster on their belly in the flying position. This 3,359-foot-long track is quite a ride with plenty of g’s. The top speed of 56 miles per hour does not make this the fastest, but it does make the list of the fastest roller coasters in Florida.

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk accelerates up to 40 mph in approximately two seconds, and reaches a maximum speed of 67 mph. There are a total of seven inversions on 3,670 feet of track, including a zero-gravity roll, a cobra roll, two vertical loops and two corkscrews. You will experience 4 g’s on this ride. The maximum height of 110 feet does not make it the tallest coaster, but it is definitely among the fastest roller coasters in Florida.

Velocicoaster is One of the Fastest Roller Coasters in Florida

Velocicoaster is a steel launched coaster that reaches 155ft and a maximum speed of 70 mph. The 4,700ft track makes it longer than Manta. If you are looking for g’s, you will find it here. There are two high-speed launches with intense acceleration, an incredible 140ft drop and four exhilarating inversions.

Sheikra is Among the Fastest Roller Coasters in Florida

SheiKra is a steel dive coaster, which creates intense moments of free-falling with near-vertical drops at approximately 90 degrees. This caster reaches 200 feet in the air and a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour on 3,188 feet of track. You will experience 5 g’s on this coaster.

Iron Gwazi Takes First Place

Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay reaches a height of 206 feet and a maximum speed of 76 mph on 4,075 feet of track, making it the tallest and one of the fastest roller coasters in Florida.

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