Choosing a Vacation Rental

If you are planning your vacation in Orlando, Florida, you are probably searching for the best places to stay. The best can mean something very different for each vacationer, but we all have a similar idea about the standard. Most of us are looking for space, privacy, comfort, cleanliness and a few important amenities at the most affordable rates. Vacations are for making memories; therefore, where you choose to stay should meet all the requirements of your checklist, and create an unforgettable experience for all the right reasons. We have a few tips for choosing your vacation rental and planning the details.

Vacation Rental

Avoid the Stress

Avoid allowing your travel to become stressful. Your vacation rental is one of the most important details to plan. Never allow its importance to be realized too late. The best way to avoid a poor experience is to think about the type of stay you want to have, and plan for it. Comfort, cleanliness and amenities are usually the top three most important elements to consider. Think about the kind of stay you imagine, and create a checklist with all the things that matter to you.

Creating a Checklist for a Vacation Rental

Much like a checklist for packing a suitcase, every good vacation rental plan should have a checklist to guarantee it meets the requirements. The rental is so much more than beds and showers. Vacations plan for a unique adventure that can keep you in and take you beyond the space. Your plan should include everything you need to make it comfortable and entertaining indoors, and everything exciting you imagine when you are out. You might want to plan for activities within the space, such as swimming, arcade games, television and a little work. This would require that you add a pool, game room, internet and smart TV to the list. If you are planning for time indoors, you might want to add a stocked refrigerator to your checklist. If you are traveling with children, a crib and stroller could make the list. A vacation rental can and should include everything you need inside your space, and the gear you need for the adventure beyond.

Regardless of where your itinerary takes you, your journey will probably require a few things to make the plan come together. If you are planning boating, jet-skiing or other activities on the water, choose a vacation rental with an option to rent a boat charter, jet-skis and other essential gear as part of your package. Your checklist for your vacation rental should include everything you require in your space for the time you spend indoors and out.

Beyond the Vacation Rental

The vacation rental is not just about where you will stay. Your vacation will likely include an adventure beyond the vacation rental. The ability to book your transportation and other important items with your stay can be essential to creating the experience you envision. Divide your checklist between the rental and the vacation details. Plan an itinerary with places and activities. Transportation will be necessary to journey through the itinerary. Choose a rental that offers transportation during your stay. If you are planning to rent a car in Orlando, Rent with Leo is the best solution. Transportation is conveniently delivered and available upon your arrival at the airport. Enjoy a premium Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a satellite navigation system programmed with popular destinations to guide you on your Orlando adventure.

Florida Vacation

Rent with Leo

Rent with Leo creates unforgettable experiences with a customized vacation rental that satisfies the entire checklist that can include a fully-stocked refrigerator, towels, flipflops, sun shelters, snorkeling gear and beach chairs. All the details are available to add-on to your vacation package. Add a boat rental and enjoy a 22-foot Regal LS2 Bowrider. Relax in a spacious private villa with two king-size beds, one queen, two bunks and three full bathrooms with walk-in showers and a hot jetted tub. Amenities include a private heated pool, family room with arcade games, high speed internet, washer and dryer, free private parking and a 55″ smart TV with Premium Ultra HD Netflix, Disney+ and more. Whether you are planning two days or seven, Rent with Leo has a luxurious vacation rental for the unique adventure you are planning. Book online, and conveniently plan your stay, transportation and all the details of your travels.

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