Rent a Car in Orlando

Are you planning your summer vacation and discovering a shortage of rental cars? Understanding the challenges of renting a car can help you plan. Arriving at the International Airport without transportation available for rent is enough to ruin any vacation. Unfortunately, this has been a reality for many families on vacation in Orlando. Vehicle shortages mean vacationers need to plan ahead and a little differently. If you are planning to rent a car in Orlando, Rent with Leo has the best tips.

Rent a Car in Orlando

Understanding the Challenge to Rent a Car in Orlando

When pandemic concerns were at the highest and travel was limited, rental car companies sold off fleets and dispersed available vehicles to other branches, creating a challenge to rent a car in Orlando. Rental car companies hit roadblocks in the way of rebuilding fleets when vehicle shortages prevented the purchase of new cars. Automobile factories ceased production and closed. This created a competition for new cars off the line. A global shortage of microchips hampered the production of automobiles around the world. Supply and demand are busy playing a game of tug of war, as vacationers are struggling to rent a car in Orlando. Fortunately, Rent with Leo has transportation solutions to make planning the travel details less stressful.

Rent a Car in Orlando with or without a Vacation Package

The most important part of planning any vacation is transportation. When you fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and approach the car rental counter, you might be in for a surprise. The current situation with shortages of vehicles can leave vacationers without transportation or overpaying for it. A vacation package can sometimes be the cheapest and safest way to secure your transportation. If you are planning to rent a car in Orlando, Rent with Leo is the best solution. Transportation is conveniently delivered and available upon your arrival at the airport. Rent a vehicle as part of your Rent with Leo vacation package or without. Rent with Leo guarantees premium transportation at affordable rates in the midst of shortages. Enjoy a premium Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a satellite navigation system programmed with popular destinations to guide you on your Orlando adventure.

Vacation in Orlando

Planning a Vacation Package

If you want to plan a memorable vacation package with your car rental, Rent with Leo creates the experience. Indulge in the luxurious resort experience and travel accommodations to help you get out and explore. Avoid crowds and lines for a rental car that may or may not be available upon your arrival. Participate in the VIP experience and have the guarantee of a luxury ride available upon your arrival. Fly into the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and your transportation will be conveniently delivered and available for your use during your stay. Enjoy a premium Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with a satellite navigation system that is programmed with popular Orlando vacation destinations. Easily commute from the airport to your luxury stay with Rent with Leo, and the adventure you plan.

Plan your vacation with Rent with Leo, and customize the details. Plan your transportation and lodging, and rent strollers, beach chairs, and everything you want to enjoy on your vacation. Customize your adventure to include water skis, boat tubes, snorkeling equipment and a waterproof camera. All the details are available, from the towels and flip flops to the sun shelter and beach chairs. Luxurious jet boat rentals are available for romantic dinners, fishing adventures, sunbathing, snorkeling and water skiing. Customize the items in the refrigerator, rent beach gear and reserve your luxury transportation with Rent with Leo.

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Lodging and Accommodations

Rent with Leo provides more than the transportation. Rent a car and drive up to an inviting five bedroom luxury villa in a private gated community. This private home offers two king-size beds, one queen and two bunks to comfortable accommodate your family. Enjoy three full bathrooms, equipped with walk-in showers and a hot jetted tub. Take a dip in a heated pool, and enjoy a spacious family room with arcade games, high speed internet, and a 55″ smart TV with Premium Ultra HD Netflix, Disney+ and more. Enjoy other amenities and accommodations, such as a washer and dryer, free private parking and childcare. Planning your vacation with Rent with Leo is a stress-free process. Customize your stay and plan everything you want in your home on your stay.

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